Hot Wedding Trends for 2014: Ido Productions’ Favorites (Part 1)

Glitter touch wedding 2014

Glitter adds a bit of glam to a summer wedding (Image via the Sparkle Queen)

We’ve scoured, watched and devoured expert opinions and public feedback on hot wedding trends for 2014. There were a few surprises for us, and a few that we’ve seen as up-and-coming. Take a look and see which of these hot wedding trends for 2014 you think are the coolest:

radiant orchid 2014

Pantone, that glorious color schemer, says ‘Radiant Orchid’ is the new wedding splash. It’s a bright choice, a purple and pink mesh, and we can imagine touches of this enlivening any wedding. The vibrancy and warmth could really tie in with many of the other trends smoothly.

The downside: ‘Radiant Orchid’ might be too bright for some brides.

rustic wedding 2014

Rustic themes are bursting through the wedding scene. Not just as a nod to nature, but as a revisit to classic simplicity. It doesn’t have to be bare to be brilliant. Think: sprigs of delicate herbs mixed into bouquets, driftwood décor and light sprinklings of checks or stripes to liven the atmosphere.

The downside: Doing too much rustic can come off as dowdy or cheap.

Halter wedding dress 2014

Halter dresses are super hot, hot, hot. The strapless gowns have been running the wedding arena for too long, and if your shoulders are chic, why not show them off? The great thing about the halter is it offers support, a length to your figure and it leads eyes to your face.

The downside: Not everyone is comfortable in a halter dress, for a variety of reasons.

Dahlia wedding 2014

Dahlias are the darlings of 2014. Delicate and gorgeous, they’re great complements to art deco themes or classical weddings.

The downside: Because they’re so delicate, they’re easy to damage- not to mention they aren’t the cheapest of flowers in the bunch.

handpainted cake 2014

Wedding cakes are either undressed or hand painted. To go with the rustic theme, brides are opting for no icing or a small cake with sheet cakes for the guests. Simplifying rather than going over the top. Another trend is getting hand-painted work on the icing, with painting styles matching the bride and groom.

The downsides: Cakes without icing tend to dry out quickly. The hand painted cakes with professional artistry can be expensive.

metallic wedding 2014

Metallics aren’t just making a comeback, they’re center wedding stage. We’re not talking those gauche lilac-80s prom dresses, we’re talking bronze, silver and gold accents throughout the wedding. As details on wedding dresses, decorations, in bouquets and as a quiet part of the entire ceremony, they really add an extra finesse.

The downside: Using too much of any of the metallic colors can be gaudy and be careful about color combinations. They don’t always complement. Think: mint and bronze. Ikes.

Wedding games 2014

Unique, interactive entertainment for guests is more important than ever. Photo booths doing freeze frames or slow motion are still popular, as are old-fashioned games like Taboo at each table.

However, people are used to sharing their experiences in real time on social media platforms now. One option is to offer an Instagram hashtag for collecting and sharing guest photos.

The downsides: There’s a large gap between age groups of online savvy guests; not everyone enjoys ‘children’s’ games; and the costs of the photo booths can dent your budget.

 play area wedding reception

Taking care of all your guests by making a play area. We love this, it’s quite clever. One of the biggest complaints from guests are kids running around with no parents to be found. A simple solution: create a play area and hire a child minder. That way all of your guests enjoy themselves without worries.

The downside: It takes up part of the area of your reception. Also, it doesn’t solve the problem of badly behaved children.

That’s it. Ido Production’s list of hot wedding trends for 2014, or what we think will be popular. Are there any you’d like to add, or you don’t agree with? Please let us know in the comments below- we love hearing from you. Until later, adieu. –Ido Productions

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