Our Favorite New Year’s Wedding Photos from All Over

Photo by Hazelwood PhotographyP I N this to pinterest

Photo by Hazelwood Photography

We’ll admit it. We get a little jealous of snow, sometimes. Not that we don’t love our luscious beaches and verdant greenery, but seasons can really add oomph to photos. We’ve recently been looking at some New Year’s Eve wedding photos, and can’t believe how impressive some of the shots were.

In our collection of our New Year’s wedding photo favorites here, we’ve tried to include our favorite types (candid), along with some of the more crafted. See what you think about our top 10. Any to add? Any you just adore? Let us know!

Kamp Photography/outdoor snow

Photo by Kamp PhotographyP I N this to pinterest

Photo by Kamp Photography

The way the couple is off to the left only highlights the intimacy of this shot. Add to that the warm brown of her stole to offset the bare trees blurring in the background, and it makes a memorable photo. Yes, we are slightly jealous of the way the white background compliments the bride.

Helter Photography/Bride and Maids Hats

Photo by Helter PhotographyP I N this to pinterest

Photo by Helter Photography

You can tell from this whimsical picture that they were all enjoying themselves immensely. The hats could tell a story by themselves. The addition of the New Year’s horns make it festive, saucy and a little bit adorable.

Mike Colon/mask

Photo by Mike Colon

Photo by Mike Colon

Just wow. The shot is mysterious, candid and playful. What a great idea, incorporating masks into the wedding theme- it makes it quite dramatic. We also love that it’s done in black and white, slightly blurred edging to create a strong vintage sense.

Claire Penn Photography/chandelier

Photo by Claire Penn PhotographyP I N this to pinterest

Photo by Claire Penn Photography

The way the chandelier doesn’t overwhelm the couple’s embrace is impressive. The glow from the lights also seem to warm the photo softly. It’s a gentle, thoughtful and evocative picture.

Asya Photography/B & W fireworks

Photo by Asya PhotographyP I N this to pinterest

Photo by Asya Photography

What better way to get the best from a New Year’s Eve wedding than using what’s at hand- fireworks or Christmas lights? Ready-made background eye candy that makes any wedding shot much more memorable. And adds an extra romance.

Hazelwood Photo/confetti

Photo by Hazelwood PhotographyP I N this to pinterest

Photo by Hazelwood Photography

Another wonderful way to accentuate your special day using the New Year’s festivities: confetti. It must be a fantastic way of ringing in the new year with your love’s ring on your hand- and a photographer to capture that joy.

Boho/sparklers of love

Saying we love this shot would be an understatement. It’s everything we love: memorable, evocative, creative and definitely seems to reflect the emotions of those involved with the wedding. Such a cool idea, isn’t it?

Studio Castillero/gold maids

Photo by Studio CastilleroP I N this to pinterest

Photo by Studio Castillero

One of our specialties is to catch those wonderful ‘in-between’ moments during a wedding. The unposed and unusual. This is a perfect example of how to do that fantastically. No forced smiles, organized shots- just two beautiful girls taking part in the ceremony.

Jeff Foley Photography/snowball

Photo by Jeff Foley PhotographyP I N this to pinterest

Photo by Jeff Foley Photography

Sigh.* Yes, it’s back to the snow again. What a frisky shot this is of a snowball being fired off by the bride. It’s light-hearted, yet manages to be loving. The best part? The girl watching them from indoors with a grin.

TWA Photographic Artists/glitter blow

Photo by TWA Photographic Artists

Photo by TWA Photographic Artists

Glitter in place of snow for a spontaneous capture- so very well done here. As a couple shot it does seem to reflect the personalities and the playfulness of the moment. It’s a relaxed, yet very stylish, shot. Hmmm…might give us a few ideas. Ha.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our New Year’s wedding photo favorites, and we really would like to hear from you. Have you got any favorite shots from a New Year’s wedding? Yours or someone else’s? Share with us! We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Until later, adieu from Ido Productions

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