My Mauritius Travel Blogs Are Truly Inspiring

Have you heard about the My Mauritius travel blogs? We like to stay up on the latest and greatest for weddings, but our other passion is our beautiful island of Mauritius. A few months ago, a campaign for promoting tourism to Mauritius happened which involved travel bloggers from all over the world. It’s such a nice feeling to read what these international travel-savvy writers had to say about our little island:

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Act of Traveling: This Is Paradise. Emiel Van Den Boomen, a Dutchman who has a vividly clear passion for travel, writes this lovely travel blog. His introduction to Mauritius reflects the first impact on arrival to the island and his impressions are complimentary. You can feel how impressed he is by the culture and the atmosphere of Mauritius. (Thanks, Emiel)

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Food and the Fabulous: Mauritius Street Food. Ishay Govender-Ypma is behind this food and travel blog. Originally from Durban, South Africa, she adored our street food. Interestingly for us, she found a lot of similarities in food from her home with ours. She also mixed with the locals, to get a feeling for the people behind the tasty food. Her only frustration? Not speaking perfect French for communication. However, you can see from the photos she did manage extremely well. (Thanks, Ishay)

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Velvet Escape: A Helicopter Tour of Mauritius. Keith Jenkins of Velvet Escape, based in Amsterdam, has a contagious excitement about travel. It was accelerated for his helicopter trip over Mauritius, which emanates from his descriptions. The photos are gorgeous, his commentary is spot on and he makes us want to take a flight over our island, too. (Thanks, Keith)

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Travel Dudes: Cheaper Accommodation Possibilities for Mauritius. Their name kind of epitomizes their personalities, but the German author Melvin from Travel Dudes gives practical information for people that aren’t into the 5-star hotel affair. He writes sage advice that mentions boutique hotels, guesthouses and the more recent ‘self-catering lodges.’

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Wild Junket: Highlights of Mauritius. Nellie Huang is a very inspiring travel blogger. She speaks several languages fluently, is from Singapore and has seen and done more than most people could imagine doing in a lifetime- in a few years. Her post is about her Mauritius adventures in the mountains canyoning and sailing on our clear crystal waters. She embraced all sides of the adventures Mauritius offers.

We’ll leave you now with a trailer of the video they made during their trip. An insightful, delightful video of internationals discovering Mauritius:

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Until later, adieu. –Ido Productions

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