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Photo by Hazelwood Photography

We’ll admit it. We get a little jealous of snow, sometimes. Not that we don’t love our luscious beaches and verdant greenery, but seasons can really add oomph to photos. We’ve recently been looking at some New Year’s Eve wedding photos, and can’t believe how impressive some of the shots were.

In our collection of our New Year’s wedding photo favorites here, we’ve tried to include our favorite types (candid), along with some of the more crafted. See what you think about our top 10. Any to add? Any you just adore? Let us know! View full post »

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While some brides might have daydreams of a lavish wedding, surrounded by family and friends, it’s not everyone’s dream.

In fact, a fantastic new wedding trend: destination weddings, with the couple only. We’ve come up with a list of the pros and cons.

Who knows? Maybe a ‘just the two of us’ destination wedding is perfect for you! View full post »

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Photo by Exotic Dream Mauritius

Ah, island life. One of the biggest perks of living in Mauritius is you never get bored. Loads of people enjoy our vast variety of water sports, both amateur and professional, when they visit.

You don’t have to be an expert swimmer, diver or sailor to be able to have a blast in the water. We’ve come up with a lovely list so you can decide which water sport in Mauritius adventure is for you. Enjoy! View full post »

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Photo by Allan Ajifo

We’re sure you’ve heard disastrous wedding tales that seem not only unbelievable, but also almost nightmarish. Some wedding disasters make a wedding unforgettable, while others just make you inwardly cringe.

Looking at some of the (not so) common wedding disasters should make any of you brides-to-be a little calmer about your future nuptials. Don’t forget that famous proverb: The worse the wedding the better the marriage.

After all, how bad could things actually get? Read on! View full post »