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Ever wondered what the best and worst wedding proposals involve? With Valentine’s Day is coming up, a rash of make-or-break marriage proposals will follow in its wake, which made us curious. Which is why we’ve collected our ten favorite marriage proposal ‘wows’ and marriage proposal ‘ows.’ Read on to see if you agree with our best and worst wedding proposal choices:

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The Sweetest Proposals

Photo by the Agricultural Research Service

Photo by the Agricultural Research Service

He stole her camera, and then stole her heart. I know how I’d feel if my camera went missing for a few days. And the relief I’d have in getting it back. What’s the first thing you’d check? Your pictures, of course, to see if you’d lost any and the camera was still working.

Now imagine a sweet slide show at the end designed by your love, with the last frame asking to marry you. Aw…

A fella made a trailer to pop the question before the film. Another artistic proposal after I Do Productions affections. He spent weeks making a Hollywood-production trailer that ends in asking her- with her family and friends in the theater. See what you think here (we won’t blame you if you get warm fuzzies):

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Photo by Mansour de Toth

A pumpkin carving contest for Halloween.  You can be creative on any holiday for a marriage proposal, but we found this unique. We can just imagine the conversation.

“Hey sweetie, let’s compete for the best pumpkin.”

“Ok dear, but be careful with the knife. You don’t have great motor skills.”

Time passes, both facing away from each other whilst carving. She holds her fantastically fashionable Jack-O-Lantern up. He holds up his, which simply says “Will you marry me?” Romantic stuffs.

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Image by Pearson Scott Foresman

A last honorable mention: via the Washington Times Crossword. If you’ve ever dealt with someone who has razor sharp intellect, putting clues in a crossword is taking a huge risk. But one fella included within the clues her favorite things, both of their names and the last clue: “Willyoumarryme?”

Some Slightly Iffy Proposals

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Photo by Metro96

Taking her on a log ride, she doesn’t see the proposal until they get the screaming-my-guts-out-going-down-the-chute photo. The logs are fairly narrow, so he organized for the chute that he and friends riding behind would hold up placards asking her right before the photo.

A proposal that is so complex it takes 27 minutes. Alright, if you’re only doing it once in your life then you might as well take your time. And put a lot of thought, moments and possible mascara-streaking moments in. Wring that life changing moment for all it’s worth. If you have some free time, you can see the epic 27 minutes here:

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Photo by iluvrhinestones

The ambush marriage proposal and wedding on the same day. Ambush weddings are gaining in popularity for the surprise and entertainment factor. But it’s usually for family and friends, not the bride. She says ‘Yes, I…’ and before she can embrace the moment he’s got her bridesmaid holding her wedding dress. We must admit on the economy and stress-free design behind this proposal (at least for the bride).

The ‘What in the World Were You Thinking???’ Proposals

Of course, we do have the mention the police arrest proposal.
Simply horrifying that this went viral. You get pulled over by a real police officer, he tells you a.) you owe parking tickets worth enough money to jail you and b.) you’re going to jail. Tears, fear and confusion overtake you. But then the officer says…’No worries if you accept X as your husband.’ Wha…? Not very nice at all.


Social media proposals are making people so lazy. From the Facebook message on a public page to a family and friend hashtag frenzy on Twitter, we’d just like to know where all of the romance went? I N this to pinterest

Pretending and looking dead, then popping the question. Of course this comes from Russia. It’ll probably become a trend in some circles. But this one is evil: she got a phone call that her boyfriend died in a car accident; she goes to the scene and sees his bloody body; she’s devastated; he jumps up and asks her to marry him. She says ‘Yes.’ (We think she should have slapped him soundly before agreeing…)

So these are our favorite of the best and worst wedding proposals (oh, and in-between). We hope you’ve enjoyed them. What do you think? How were you asked? Let us know in the comments below. Until later, adieu. –Ido Productions

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