Wedding Ideas-Would You Dare
5 Extreme Wedding Ideas: Would You Dare?

Extreme wedding ideas are one way to make it memorable. Sure, everyone wants their special day to be unique, but some couples go to the ‘wow.’ Here are a few samples. Our question is: would you?

We’ve come up with a list of our favorite 5 extreme wedding ideas, which certainly aren’t for everyone.

We know most people choose to have a beautiful traditional wedding. You know, where it’s in their local chapel or a lovely backyard. Some people choose a destination wedding in an exotic locale.

And some brides and grooms choose to have an extreme wedding. Yes, these options seriously exist. Check them out:

A Safari Wedding

Photo by Amy Caroline Photography

Photo by Amy Caroline Photography

You’re probably saying to yourself: hey, that’s not so extreme. But think about this: if you’re from a quiet little town in the Midwest of the U.S. and you travel to Africa… it can be an extreme wedding idea. The dangerous animals, a completely foreign climate– not to mention all of the cute little insect critters dying to have your bared bridal shoulders for lunch.

Another similar option: a Hunter’s Wedding. Why not, if you have similar interests, eh?

A Rollercoaster of a Ride

Photographer Unknown

(Photographer Unknown)

Going to theme parks are a surprisingly popular wedding venue. Now take it a wee step further: say ‘I doooooo…’ as you go through the loopety-loop. Apparently, in Vegas they even have a specialized pastor for the ride service.

(Bungee) Jumping into Marriage

(Photographer Unkown)

(Photographer Unkown)

More popular than even we at Ido Productions would’ve guessed, the guests arrive at the top of the hoist. Things go as per the usual wedding up untilYou may kiss the bride.’ It’s all downhill- or off the bridge– from there. The keepsake kiss is done after the cords have stopped bouncing.

You also have to figure out a way to keep your dress from showing off your wedding knickers.

Skydiving Ceremonies

Photo by Vegas Extreme Skydiving

Photo by Vegas Extreme Skydiving

From what we’ve seen, you can do this in one of two ways: skydive to the ceremony spot, where guests are waiting; have the ceremony first and then the kiss. This is definitely one of the most extreme wedding ideas.

Where you’ll literally be floating on cloud 9. This isn’t for anyone afraid of a.) heights b.) planes or c.) spoiling a priceless wedding dress. Not to mention your hair.

An Underwater ‘I Do’

Photo by Kaufik Anril

This has actually become a bit trendy in Mauritius, thanks to our crystalline water and breathtaking sea life. Couples choose how to do the ceremony.

Some opt for writing vows back and forth underwater; others use specialized equipment with speakers (the guests get them, too). Again, this isn’t for aquaphobics or brides that wish to remain pristine. But what a wonderful setting for a wedding-!

These are our top 5 extreme wedding ideas. How about you? Have you had an extreme wedding, or have you heard about one to share with us?

We’d love to hear from you, let us know in the comments below!

Until later, adieu from Ido Productions