A Wedding in Mauritius: A Long-Distance Love Story

Just Married in Mauritius: Ido Productions Presents  a Wedding of Our Own

Taking the leap on the beach of our dreams.


It’s probably not a question you normally ask yourself, but it is curious: how do people who are usually behind the scenes of a wedding create their own?

Andy Michel, owner and wedding photographer at Ido Productions based in Mauritius, recently tied the knot with his love Alex. This is the inside scoop, starting from the beginning in Andy’s own words:

Alexandra & Andy | Photo -Marie Cozannet

Alexandra & Andy | Photo – Marie Cozannet (tendreclic.com)

It might seem a little strange, but I met Alex online. Not through a dating service, which you’d expect- but from her asking for info. She wanted to find out about accommodations and tips for visiting Mauritius.

We started chatting more, the chats turned into daily Skypes and her eventual visit with a perfect accommodation. With me. Grin.

From France to Mauritius, with Love

Adventures in Mauritius on one of Alex’s visits. Too much fun!

Adventures in Mauritius on one of Alex’s visits. Too much fun!

As many of you might know, it can be incredibly difficult to maintain a long-distance relationship. Ours wasn’t just a border hop, but trans-continental.

We managed with visits back and forth for two years and it just wasn’t enough. It was perfect timing for me to propose.

Planning a Local Wedding in Mauritius


We really love this photo, it’s so delicate

It was interesting being on the other side of a wedding and trying to plan.

I’d always wanted a beach wedding, since this is my home, but I had a few difficulties with the local authorities. Apparently, beach weddings were ‘only for tourists.’

Crazy, no? Grin. I had to find a solution, and I did: having our wedding via Catamaran.

On the way from the catamaran to the beach ceremony.

On the way from the catamaran to the beach ceremony.

We organized two catamarans for our 80 guests- and it was absolutely amazing.

Our Wedding Ceremony on Ilot Gabriel


A romantic beach moment, Ilot Gabriel.

We had a fascination with Ilot Gabriel, and when we found out there wasn’t a lot of ‘red tape’ to go through we decided to have our ceremony there. It was gorgeous.

We didn’t need any wedding decorations because of the location: an immaculate beach; the turquoise sea lit by a brilliant blue sky; and the Flat island, Coin de mire Island serving as a beautiful backdrop.

It was such an unbelievable setting for such an important moment in our lives. Just perfect.

Thanks to Our Mauritius Wedding Professionals for Visuals:


Sunset on the Beach


 It wasn’t difficult to choose a videographer.  Oumair from Ido Productions was a given to document the filming side of our wedding.  Thanks oumair

Diksh Potter is the photographer behind our priceless wedding photos, though we were also extremely lucky to have Jean Daniel Villers at our wedding- he took some amazing shots. Thanks, guys!

Thanks to Our Mauritius Wedding Professionals for the Day:


Makeup/Hair: Joyce Lee, for creating such beauty so early in the morning

Manicure/Pedicure: Genna Wellness Ltd, for a gorgeous French manicure

Dress & Designer: “Mariée et coquetteries” Hélène Lajoinie, for a uniquely stunning dress

Wedding Cake: Magnifiqua, it was decadent and delicious

Wedding Breakfast: Magnifiqua (for 80 guests): Pain au Chocolat, Croissant, Pain aux Raisin- sooo tasty!

Accommodation: Olivier & Ketty at Le Bilimbi- highly recommended as a place to stay

Taxi Service: Nishal, who can be reached at: 0023057625426, for excellent service (the champagne was a lovely touch-!)

Thank You, From the Bottom of Our Hearts


 Our guest

We couldn’t have done any of it without the help of our parents. They were truly wonderful. Our friends and family who could make it really made our day.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, we felt your warm wishes from miles away. You were missed, but you were there in our hearts.

And a last thank you to our followers and readers- you, too, have shared our day. We appreciate it!

Until later, adieu. –Ido Productions, Andy & Alexandra Michel

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