About us


Established in 2012, Ido Productions stands as a premier wedding photo and video service. Our sole mission is to craft exquisite memories that beautifully reflect the essence of your special day.

We recognize that each wedding is a unique and our ultimate goal is to create timeless imagery that tells your story with unparalleled authenticity and emotion.

Beyond weddings, we also find joy in capturing the adventurous spirit of ‘trash the dress’ shoots and creating stunning underwater portraits. We employ drone technology whenever possible to add a breathtaking perspective to our work. Our diverse portfolio serves as a testament to the cherished memories we have immortalized for our valued clients over the years.

As pioneers in the industry, we have expanded our horizons and been privileged to document weddings in other enchanting destinations such as the Seychelles, Reunion Island, and the captivating landscapes of France.

At Ido Productions, we take immense pride in our role as not just photographers and videographers, but as storytellers.

We look forward to get to know you and hopefully collaborate with you soon.


Andy Michel