Bridal Shower Ideas for a Wedding
Bridal Shower Ideas for a Wedding in Mauritius

Many couples choose destination weddings in Mauritius, which can make it difficult for the Maid of Honor to come up with some unique bridal shower ideas for a wedding in Mauritius.

Why not bring a little of Mauritius to the guests for the bridal shower or the post-wedding celebration? We’ve come up with a few bridal shower ideas with Mauritius as the inspiration:

Invitations to a Mauritian Soiree

You can be incredibly creative with the invitations, thanks to our magnificently diverse country. From pretty to sleek, we’ve got a little bit of everything to inspire your invites:

  • Exotic Animals. Lions, cheetahs, giant tortoises and dolphins are just a few you can use for an exotic animal theme. We have them all. Including our national symbol: the Dodo bird.
  • Gorgeous Landscapes. Mauritius has such a delicate and unique landscape that there are many to choose from. A few of the most beautiful: the Chamarel Falls; the ‘underwater waterfall;’ and the Grand Bassin Lake.
  • Beautiful Flowers. The flame xxx is one of our local prides, as is xxx.

If you enjoy DIY, you could make collages of the images for the covers of the invites. Or you could choose just one striking image for them all, and have the invites printed up.

Photo :

Photo :

Places and Indoor Décor, Mauritian Styles

Photo by wintersixfour

Photo by wintersixfour

Of course it depends on how many people you plan on inviting, but you might want to keep in mind a little extra room for dancing (see ‘entertainment’ below).

If you want an outdoor feel, think: beaches, sunsets, aquamarine water. How you want to go about it is up to you: the place settings could be sand-dusted or perhaps just done in the lush colors of the Indian Ocean.


If you want an indoor island atmosphere, think warm yellow or red fairy lights, palmed plants and bamboo mats for possibilities.

Entertainment and Mauritian Food

The Sega is a type of music and dance. It’s rhythmic and an integral part of Mauritius culture. One idea for the entertainment could be instructing brave partygoers to learn the dance. Or for a more discreet atmosphere, you could simply have it playing in the background.

One of Mauritius’ industries is sugarcane, which can be used for a multitude of nibbly sweets. Massepain cake or Undé (small rice cookies with sugar) are two tasty island treats.

Photo by Scott Bauer

Photo by Scott Bauer

For savory, you’ve got a multitude of choices because of our rich ethnic culture. Try Roti crêpes or steamed Chinese meatballs.

(Looking for a truly authentic Mauritian food? Dholl Purri is our national dish- but it’s quite time-consuming and complicated to make.

And to finish: you could offer a (weak) rum punch to wash those delicious tidbits down.

Photo :

Photo :

We hope our bridal shower ideas have helped you in planning your Mauritian-inspired party, whether it’s before or after the plunge. Please, add any to the list you feel we’ve missed- or add your own!

-Adieu until later, from I Do Productions