Wedding disasters
Common and Not So Common- Wedding Disasters

We’re sure you’ve heard disastrous wedding tales that seem not only unbelievable, but also almost nightmarish. Some wedding disasters make a wedding unforgettable, while others just make you inwardly cringe.

Looking at some of the (not so) common wedding disasters should make any of you brides-to-be a little calmer about your future nuptials. Don’t forget that famous proverb: The worse the wedding the better the marriage.

After all, how bad could things actually get? Read on!

Family Frustrations

Photo by John Oxley Library

Photo by John Oxley Library

You can’t help who your family is, but you’d hope with a guest list specifying the people you want to enjoy your special day with it’d go smoothly. Not so much.

One of the biggest disasters brides and grooms complained about: their parents. Either insisting on inviting (complete strangers to you) friends from the Rotary or getting goo-gobs drunk, family is one of the major snags in wedded bliss.

Imagine having your new mother-in-law wandering around in a tipsy cloud of bitter, whispering to anyone who’ll listen a.) how fat you look or b.) how short your marriage will last. Ikes, no?

Garish Guests


Not just family, though. There’s the bridesmaid who got sick over the wedding cake; the ring bearer who hid the ring and couldn’t remember where; and the wedding crashers who stole half of the gifts during the reception.

No One Shows Up: Wedding Desert

Photo by Pinybal

Photo by Pinybal

Another common complaint: invites are out, RSVPs are counted, the venues are booked- and disaster strikes leaving the couple solitary.

The reasons range from a bachelor party tussle to a serious illness, though for some newlyweds it comes down to petty bartering about money.

Even if the couple is financing the wedding themselves, it seems that some guests beg out at the last minute to avoid spending money they’d promised* to help with.

A few couples had a missing minister; one couple had to wait an hour for the priest to show (he’d gone shopping).

Other guests really do have legitimate reasons for the miss: delayed flights. Which brings us to our next worst wedding woe: the weather.

Natural Disasters Disrupting Nuptials

Photo by NOAA

Photo by NOAA

It’s not ‘ironic’ to have rain on your wedding day. In fact, historically it’s been considered fantastic luck for the couple. But sometimes the weather hits an extreme: tornadoes, tsunamis and hurricanes to name a few.

It’s quite difficult to get a good weather read on a normal day, but once you’ve set the date it can be absolutely disastrous. You might have to change venues, prepare for backup power sources or even cancel due to the severity of the weather.

For more exotic or desert locales, guests have been known to faint from heatstroke or the service has been attacked by swarms of mosquitos.

What about you? What’s the worst thing that happened at your wedding, or a wedding you’ve been to? What’s the best? Let us know in the comments below! Until later, adieu. –Ido Productions