Gorgeous Local Mauritius Plants
Gorgeous Local Mauritius Plants- and Where to Find Them

We do realize that not everyone who visits our tropical island is going to be interested in exploring the unbelievable reefs or taking part in more adventurous sports- some of you want to know about our local Mauritian plants.

There are many nature lovers out there who can take the opportunity of their visit to see some of the loveliest and unique flora that is endemic to Mauritius. Keep in mind that out of the 670 native plant species, roughly 280 are endemic. It truly will be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to feast your eyes on our island originals.

We’d like to share a few of those beauties with you, and where you can see them.

Trochetia Flower

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The national flower, the Boucle d’Orielle (also known as the Trochetia Boutoniana) is a rare and delicate flowering bush. It flowers from June to October and the petals range from red to orange.

Where to find them: Just one place on our island is dry and high enough to maintain the balance the Boucle d’Orielle needs to thrive: the Le Morne Brabant Mountain. The local geckos and Pic Pics, the Mauritius small grey white-eye birds help to pollinate the bushes.


Photo by Carrotmadman6

The Hibiscus Fragelis, known as Mandrinettes, run throughout the Mascarene Islands and the Hibiscus Genevii, endemic to Mauritius. They were both considered extinct at one point and have recently been ‘rediscovered.’ The local hibiscus are known for their range of hot pinks to scorching reds or even gentle pink coloring with a fiery center.

Where to find them: Le Morne Brabant Mountain has 26 new plants found; the Corps de Garde Mountain has ten established bushes.

The very rare Bois de Chevre (also known as the Senecio Lamarckianus), a very threatened Mauritian plant. It’s really quite rare to spot the silver-leafed and yellow-flowered specimen. Keep an eye out for plants with fine, long white hairs and clusters bursting from the tip of a thick stalk.

Where to find them: It might be nice to know there’s a possibility of discovering one on your own, but the place they’ve been found most often are in Piton du Fouge, or on the Port Louis crests in dry areas.

Photo by Avinash Meetoo

Photo by Avinash Meetoo

If you aren’t in the mood for a slight hike to see local Mauritian plants, there’s always the Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens to check out. Of course there are the imported pieces of the garden, but thankfully they’ve carved a corner for an endemic Mauritian plant section.

You’ll want to check out the gorgeously oversized water lilies that are endemic to Mauritius. They can span to nearly 2 meters when unfolded and are truly a sight to behold.

Other places of plant interest you might want to wander to or through:

  • The Black River Gorge National Park
  • The Bay of Mahebourg
  • The Isle of aux Aigrettes hosts a plant nursery that’s pretty breathtaking

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide into the wilder, greener side of what Mauritius has to offer. Please feel free to add your own favorites to our list of local Mauritius plants , we’d love to hear from you! Until later, adieu. –Ido Productions.