Great Wedding Movies
Great Wedding Movies: Ido Production’s Top Picks!

Wedding Movies

We know there’s nothing like great wedding movies to make you laugh, cry or both at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you’re ave a soft, squishy place for a quality wedding film. So we’ve decided to make a list of our top choices of great wedding movies (and we’d love to have any more suggestions from you!):

Great Wedding Films

Muriel’s Wedding (1994): Australians have a knack for mixing extravagant comedy with a bittersweet heart-tug, and Muriel is no different. She’s a slightly pudgy girl in a deadend town with dreams of marriage. She’s convinced getting wed will change her life for the better. In her journey, she makes an unlikely friend; finds independence; and also realizes what she thought she needed wasn’t what she needed. You’ll walk away from this film singing ABBA with a grin.

Wedding Movie

Black Cat, White Tomcat (1998/Yugoslav): We know that many people aren’t big fans of foreign films, but we promise you this one is worth it. Imagine that Romeo & Juliet were Romany, surrounded by surreal and hysterical characters and gripping cinematography. Highly, highly recommended.

Wedding Movie

The Philadelphia Story (1940): Katherine Hepburn at her heard-headed, comedic best in a love quadrangle. A divorcee who’s supposed to get married has to deal with her ex-husband (Cary Grant); a new love interest (Jimmy Stewart); and her rather boring fiancee. Needless to say, nothing goes as planned. An absolute wedding film classic.

Wedding Movies

Bridesmaids (2011): If this happened to have missed your wedding movie radar, it’s a must-see. Jealousy, rivalry, heartache, embarrassment, break ups and reunions: all just among the bridesmaids. The premise is simple: two women are competing for the bride’s attention before the wedding. But the laugh-out-loud and sometimes perfectly uncomfortable humor are fantastic.

Monsoon Wedding (2001): Take a modern upper-class Indian girl and have her agree to an arranged marriage- then wait for the chaos of family coming together from all over the globe. It’s funny. It’s romantic. It’s passionate. It makes you think. And it’s visually stunning. Oh, and we forgot to mention: the acting is superb.

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4 Weddings & a Funeral (1994): You don’t have to love- or even like- Hugh Grant to enjoy this film. Filled with British irony, understated humor and ‘stiff upper lip’ awkwardness, it’s a tale of unrequited love. Charles (Grant) meets Carrie (Andie McDowell) and keeps running into her at weddings. After the first meeting, he’s infatuated. You get attached to all of the different wedding characters and their stories, where even sadness has a happy ending. A feel-good wedding film.

And a few last suggestions from Ido Productions for great wedding movies:

What about you? What are your favorite wedding movies, if we’ve missed them on our list? Let us know in the comments below! Until soon, adieu. -Ido Productions