Hot Wedding Trends
Hot Wedding Trends Part 2: Our Shortlist for Summer 2014

Touches of Bold Elegance and Romantic Essence Heat up This Wedding Season

You know Ido Productions just loves keeping up on hot wedding trends, and this summer looks like it’s going to be sublime. Bright, extreme colors coupled with delicate romance have us excited to see the summer wedding trends for 2014. See if you agree with us:

capped wedding dress 2014

A lacy wedding dress with capped sleeves (Image via WP Grab It)

Brides & Grooms Are Covering Up

It might seem surprising to be more covered in the summer, but removable shoulder caps and a more-is-better for the bridal dress is now popular thanks to the Royals. Gone are the strapless and backless.

Some brides are also opting out of the traditional white wedding dress to express themselves in color. Another hot wedding trend: the grooms are sprucing up their tuxes with gloves, cravats and long-tailed jackets.

bold colors wedding 2014

Dazzling blue touches add a bold flavor to the wedding (Photo via weddingomania)

Vivid Colors Are Making Wedding Waves

There’s a time and a place for understated wedding accents, but this summer isn’t one of them. We’re talking shocking blues, deep purples and cheeky reds combined with creams or dusted greys.

This isn’t the only good news for the wedding party: bridesmaids, you can sigh in relief in a dress tailored to your style and figure.

Polaroid Photo with accent

Polaroid-looking photos are super trendy, especially with a vintage retouch (Image via

Vintage Photography Is a New Hot Wedding Trend Addition

Sure, black & white or sepia-toned photos are classics, but couples are also asking for retro-style pictures. Think: Polaroids with After-Effects as a photography extra on top of the more traditional fare. The more unique the design, the more it’s in demand.

food truck wedding 2014

A food truck is a unique and creative way to feed guests (Photo via Rustic Wedding Chic)

Finger Food or Family-Style Dining

Plate sharing, group dishes and creating a more informal atmosphere also encourage guests to mingle. Another up-and-coming wedding food trend: bite-sized snacks with playful takes on the traditional, including hiring a food truck as the caterer (we like this idea a lot).

Compliment the treats with a custom-made cocktail as a reflection of your personality- not the usual ‘signature’ drink.

Glitter touch wedding 2014

Glitter adds a bit of glam to a summer wedding (Image via the Sparkle Queen)

A Few Last Hot Wedding Trend Accent Tips for Summer 2014

  • Hiring an illustrator to sketch the design for your wedding invites adds a personal and romantic touch.
  • Sparkles, glitter and delicate sequins add a dash of spice, from table decorations to the wedding cake itself.
  • Garden flowers are back: roses or lavender mixed with herbal sprigs in smaller bouquets are being chosen over the sprays of wildflowers.

So that’s our list of top wedding trends for the summer of 2014.

Which one’s your favorite? Do you have any hott wedding trends to add? Tell us in the comments below! Until soon, adieu. -Ido Productions