Mauritius Beach Wedding part1
Mauritius Beach Wedding Tips: Musts Part 1

Mauritius Beach Wedding Tips

Advice for You Beautiful Beach Brides-to-Be

Call us romantic, but we love beach weddings in Mauritius. The breathtaking landscape of our beaches sets the perfect scene for you to say your vows. Unforgettably. We thought we’d help you with a few ideas and practicalities for your beach wedding. Who wants to be caught unprepared on the big day?
That being said, here are some of I Do Productions beach advice/ideas:

Heels + Sand = Catastrophe

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Photo : Ido Productions

Even if you’re a glam queen, you’ll look anything but trying to balance a wedding walk in heels on the sand.

Don’t panic, there are tons of elegant options. Bespoke flip-flops or sandals have been really popular, but we kind of fell in love with feet décor. It’s simple, sexy and beach-friendly.

Tip: Depending on the time of day, you might want to consider laying down an ‘aisle’ for you to walk and stand on; the sands can get sweltering. You don’t want to torch your tootsies.

Wind Is No Friend to Wedding ‘Dos

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You might have the image in your mind of lightly tousled wedding hair, gently wisping to frame your face and vows. The reality could very well be you and your locks in a constant battle; hair blowing into your eyes, sticking to your lips or flying up into a fright wig.

An easy and graceful option for brides: a bun, twist or chignon. Side braids have also become a favorite for wedding hair wear.

Other weather considerations:

  • Long veils can be just as tricky, wind or rain
  • Mauritius is at its windiest from August-October, and rainiest in February
  • Beware the heat, sunburn and dehydration for mid-day nuptials

The Perfect Beach Wedding Dress: Less Is Best

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There’s a practical reasoning behind going for sleek and chic over a complex dress: sand sticks like glue to lace.

Long, lacy trains not only add weight to the stress of the day, they add heat. And, unfortunately, sweat. Simple gowns with chiffon overlays for the train, or tea-length dresses work better for sunny ceremonies.

However, as we know well, when you find your perfect dress- you can find a way to make it work. It’s only one day, right?

Tip: It can get a bit chilly in the evening, especially if you’ve been in the sun for part of the day. Have your custom-made pashmina or shawl at the ready. You could even choose one to match the wedding colors or bridesmaids.

Svatba na Mauriciu

Photo: Ido Productions

That’s our list of main wedding in Mauritius tips for the bride. We hope this has been helpful. Don’t hesitate to add your ideas or experiences below- we’d love to hear from you!

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