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Mauritius Beach Wedding Tips: Musts Part 2

Mauritius Beach Wedding Tips: Musts Part 2 (The second in our series, check out part 1 here)

Tips for Helping Your Mauritius Beach Wedding Guests

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As if getting married weren’t stressful enough, planning a destination wedding in Mauritius can amp up the tension. Once you’ve got yourself covered, it’s time to pay attention to your guests.  You do need to give them a little extra TLC- after all, they are going all the way to your special wedding. There are also a few things you might not have considered about your Mauritian beach wedding.  This is a short but functional list of ideas and issues you could try with your wedding guests, from Ido Productions:

Specialize Your Invites and Make the Dress Code Clear

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We just adore this ‘message in a bottle’ beach wedding invitation. It’s classy and unique, plus it’s possible to DIY. One of the biggest mistakes made for destination wedding invites: being vague about how formal guests should be.

Beach weddings should be much less formal, with lighter fabrics (no: black wool/tweeds/etc.). Also consider whether it’s ok for guests to wear shorts, flip-flops or even bikinis. There’s informal, and then there’s beach sloppy. Whichever you want for your day, spell it out for your guests.

Don’t Forget to Water Your Guests

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Keep water handy for your guests at all times. Your guests might be the biggest party animals in the world, but that doesn’t mean that the heat won’t make them wilt .

Especially if you’d prefer they take part in your rockin’ wedding reception.

Save Your Guests Shoes (and Provide Comfort)

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Let’s face it: it’s a beach wedding, which means lots of sand. Providing a simple shoe check and ‘wedding flip-flops’ for your guests will save their shoes. It also makes for happy feet on warm and humid days. They’ll appreciate it.

Entertainment Between Wedding I Do and I Celebrate

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That awkward moment when the bride and groom are taking wedding photos: let your guests unwind with beach games.

This has become quite popular, since it diffuses any ‘getting to know you’ moments wedding guests usually have. It also sets the tone for the reception. Of course you can be creative with beach activities; sand charades or Pictionary or beach bingo, for example.

Back to Being ‘Civilized’ or Getting the Sand Off

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In Mauritius, sand gets everywhere. Give your guests a chance to brush it off with this cute wedding favor idea.

You could also have a few chairs set up with a bucket of water and towels to clean up before the reception.

Keep Your Guests Cozy Through the Wee Hours

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We also really like the idea of providing your guests with shawls to ward off the chill of the night. Not everyone will remember to pack them, or even think about it being slightly cool in the evening on the island.

It’s a great and thoughtful just-in-case for your female wedding guests.

Photo : Ido Productions

We hope we’ve considered most of the Mauritius beach wedding tips to help you plan your perfect destination wedding in Mauritius. Most of the tips above aren’t expensive, but they are priceless for ensuring a happy celebration for everyone.

Let us know if you’ve got more ideas to add- we love hearing from you. Until then, adieu! ~Ido Productions