Spooky-Yet-Chic Halloween Wedding
Spooky-Yet-Chic Halloween Wedding Ideas

Halloween Wedding ideas

Mauritius isn’t the first place you think of when you think of Halloween, is it? That doesn’t mean we don’t find the celebration fascinating- or Halloween-themed weddings even more so.

In fact, we even have a few of our own local ghost stories. A phantom carriage hauling a coffin behind it has been spotted in Lalmatie; and sightings by the old ruins of the Albion Hotel.

So without further ado (or boo!), here are our favourite Halloween wedding ideas:
The Not-So-Eerie Invitations

The touch of satin adds a touch of class to this ‘Hallowedding.’ The simple design also allows you to match the invite to your autumnal wedding colours, which we like.

The Ghostly Gorgeous Bridal Gown

Dupioni Chapel wedding Dress via Wedding Veil

We think this is just about perfect for a Halloween wedding gown, if you don’t want to go too Goth. The black-laced bodice and the delicate detailing of the skirt make this an atypical- but gorgeous- wedding dress.

The Less-Than-Freaky Bridesmaids’ Frocks

  Photo via the Knot

The whole idea that wearing black to a wedding is bad luck is bosh. Hey, the groom’s usually do, don’t they? Your Halloween bridesmaids will also thank you for a slimming, sexy look that they can wear again.

Fearless Halloween Wedding Photos

 Photo by Allebach Photography via Rock n Roll Bride

We’ve already mentioned the whole ‘trash the dress’ phenomenon, but for your Halloween wedding photos you and your groom can have fun with the theme. We really liked the romance of this photo ‘Til death us do part.’

Setting a Supernatural Scene

Creating the Halloween spirit for your guests can go in many different decorating directions. You can go for the traditionally dark (top) or have some custom touches added.

A Scream-Free Halloween Wedding Ceremony


Not only is a Halloween wedding unique, but the ambience is fairly simple to do. Is there anything more romantic than getting married by candlelight at twilight?

A Bone-Chillingly Refined Reception

The wedding reception for a Halloween wedding doesn’t have to be morbid. We love how this reception is bursting with color, from the pumpkins to the black and white table underlay.

A Honeymoon That Will Haunt You

Photo via Shanti Maurice

Top off your Halloween wedding with an unforgettable honeymoon- one that doesn’t curdle the blood. Might we suggest Mauritius-? We are admittedly biased…Ha.

We wish you a Happy Halloween (or a happy Hallowedding, as it were) Please do tell us if you’ve any of your own favourites to add to our list here. Trick or Treat! ~Ido Productions