Strange and Fascinating Facts-Seychelles
Strange and Fascinating Facts About the Seychelles

We decided this week to focus on our beautiful neighboring islands, the Seychelles. Famous for celebrities, mystery and history, we wanted to uncover really strange and fascinating facts about the Seychelles.

Some of these are interesting and some were super surprising. How many of these did you know?

The Seychelles History


The unusual granite of the islands has been possibly traced back to the 180 million-year-old Gondwana, the southern super continent.

The Seychelles were a haven for pirates. Especially the famous pirate Olivier le Vasseur (known as ‘the Buzzard’ for scavenging the wreckage). Apparently, he buried his treasure on one of the islands before being hanged in Reunion in 1870. Treasure hunters still search for it today.

Both Round Island and Curieuse were leper colonies at one time.

The Seychelles Legends & Myths

Photo from Google Images

Photo from Google Images

They say the ghost of English woman Mary Best, who moved there in 1910, haunts the island of Moyenne.

Praslin Island’s Vallee de Mai is rumored to be the original Garden of Eden. It was first stated by General Gordon of Khartoum, who also believed the devil lived near the Pitcairn Islands.

Arabic historians believed Marco Polo’s mythical creature, the Roc (a gargantuan and bloodthirsty bird), lived in the Seychelles.

Natural Stuffs in the Seychelles

Photo by hubris.nemesis

Photo by hubris.nemesis

The very rare Jellyfish tree, endemic to the Seychelles, could have originated from the Gondwana super continent.

One of the biggest megabats, the Aldabra flying fox, is endemic to the Seychelles.

Scientists can’t explain why the Malaria mosquito doesn’t exist in the Seychelles.

There aren’t any natural fresh water resources on the Seychelles.

The Seychelles has set aside the highest percentage (50%) of land mass for nature preserves than any other country.

Yellow crazy ants are threatening the ecology of the World Heritage site, the Vallée de Mai.

The Seychelles: People & Country

Photo by Haneburger

Photo by Haneburger

Seychellois are ranked 6th in the world for drinking tea per capita.

The Seychelles are twinned with the city of Hanoi, Vietnam.

Don’t give many compliments to Seychellois; they believe it could bring bad luck.

The Seychelles coat of arms has a tortoise and their motto is: ‘The End Crowns the Work’ (‘the ends justify the means’).

Odd Bits About the Seychelles

Photo by Sea Lotus Head

Photo by Sea Lotus Head

Prince William and Kate Middleton celebrated their honeymoon on North Island in the Seychelles.

You can hit biodegradable golf balls from the Seychelles beaches and feed the fish (they break down into fish food).

That’s our list of strange and fascinating facts about the Seychelles.

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