Underwater Weddings in Mauritius
Underwater Weddings in Mauritius: What You Need to Know

After taking a break from our blog, Ido Productions is back – with underwater weddings in Mauritius! If you’ve ever dreamed about getting wed in clear turquoise waters, with breathtaking reefs surrounding you as you and your love give your vows, this is definitely the wedding for you.

Read on to find out why they’re wondrous and how couples can have underwater weddings in Mauritius.

Why do couples choose an underwater wedding?

In Mauritius, there are several reasons for exchanging your vows underwater. A sense of adventure and celebrating your special day in a unique way is the most common, but diving couples and ocean lovers are also embracing this new wedding trend.

It’s also cost-effective, if you compare it to a large and traditional wedding. An underwater wedding can cost as little as $3,000 (not including site-specific processing and marriage licensing fees).

And you have to admit, the photos and video footage are stunning. A modestly festive water ‘aisle’ with schools of brightly-colored tropical fish swirling create a more than magical wedding day. Take a look at Ido Productions first underwater wedding:

What about your wedding dress, tux and reception?

Many couples choose to wear the same dress and tuxedo they would in a traditional wedding, minus shoes since you’ll have flippers.* There are some other ideas, though:

  • Have simpler clothes for the underwater wedding ceremony and change into your official dress and tux for the reception
  • Depending on the temperature, you might want to rent or buy a white diving suit
  • In warmer waters, simple bathing suits or bikinis can be worn and then changed for the reception
  • If you’re worried about not looking drop dead gorgeous on your day, you could always do a pre-wedding shoot in shallower waters for the perfect pictures

*Tips for brides: Try to choose a dress that wears well in seawater, if you want to keep your wedding dress – fabrics like silk and satin can be destroyed. Also long veils, gloves or lengthy trains aren’t going to work underwater.

What will you need for an underwater wedding in Mauritius?

The easiest way to organize your underwater wedding is by contacting a specialized local company or agency. They’ll let you know all of the details to ensure you’ve got your paperwork in order; you’ll need to plan on several extra days for scuba lessons (and practicing that romantic ‘I do’ kiss!); and the required safety lessons.

If you’re planning on inviting guests, you could have 2 options: the first is guests using snorkeling gear and life jackets, in the water with you but watching the ceremony from above. Guests that are experienced divers can be witnesses underwater.

The second is a reception party on the boat or back on shore. That could also be where you take your ‘official vows.’ Don’t forget, an underwater wedding is symbolic, not legal. You might even want to get married at your hotel or on the boat and then ‘re-wed’ in the sea.

Be sure to tell your guests there’s plenty to explore on Mauritius, both before and after your wedding.

Underwater photo by Emperator diving

Underwater photo by Emperator diving Centre

That’s the end of our underwater weddings in Mauritius list of what you need to know! We hope this has been useful, but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us or write us in the comments below!

Until later, adieu – Ido Productions