Wedding Lingerie: Classic Ideas & Spicy Tips

Photo by Yo no te pido la luna

Photo by Yo no te pido la luna

It’s interesting that one of the most important details of your super special day gets overlooked: wedding lingerie. It’s truly the fabric that keeps all the right things in the right places, to show you at your most stunning. We’ve collected a list of ideas and tips to help you choose your wedding lingerie.

Photo by Gossard Lingerie

Photo by Gossard Lingerie

Dress Foundation Wedding Lingerie

Once you’ve found your fairytale wedding dress, your next step should be to tailor your lingerie to it. It doesn’t matter if you use a seamstress or DIY the undergarments yourself; here are a few things to consider.

  • Corsets will always be a popular wedding lingerie piece, thanks to the almost all-in-one. They heighten the breasts while minimizing the waist. Great for traditional princess-style wedding dresses.
  • Open neck and/or open back dresses are usually suited to a customized long-line bra. It’s similar to a corset, but a bit shorter and allows for more natural curves.
Photo from Secret Wedding Blog

Photo from Secret Wedding Blog

  • Shapewear is a blessing for brides, especially those that prefer a mermaid or a sheath gown. It flatters and slims in all the right places.
  • Having cups actually sewn into a dress can take care of tugging and pulling things back into place on your wedding day. Perfect for plunging neck or backlines; white or ivory dresses; and to accentuate small busts.
  • White or ivory are the most common colors for foundation wedding lingerie, but if your dress is of a thicker fabric or layered, you can pretty much choose any color.

Sexy Wedding Night Lingerie

Buying sexy wedding lingerie can be a nightmare for many brides. It should make you feel incredibly beautiful and confident, but from fitting room awkwardness to hyper-criticism, some women struggle to choose. Here are a few ideas and tips, from traditional to spicy:

Photo via Victoria's Secret

Photo via Victoria’s Secret

  • Shy brides can still be gorgeous on their wedding night with a full-length satin nightgown. A low back with a side-slit makes it sexy, while still maintaining the ‘mystery.’ Typical choices include white, ivory and any pastels.
  • A knee-length spaghetti-strapped gown with princess lines is ideal for neither boring nor racy brides. The addition of feminine bows and laces that can be untied are also an allure.
  • Possibly the most popular for more spicy brides: the babydoll nightgown. It hugs the chest, flares out and usually hits mid to upper thigh. Combined with matching thigh-high stockings, it’s playful and very sexy. Typical color choices are anything bold: red, navy, black, hot pink and purple.
  • Your wedding night is not the night for padded bras, panties, girdles or shapers. There’s nothing more provocative and stimulating than showing yourself and your beauty, as is.
  • Men’s lingerie has recently become a popular item for wedding night lingerie. Seriously. We were surprised, too, but it turns out some men do like to dress special for their ladies on their wedding night. Choices range from satins to lace. A possible special gift from the bride?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of wedding lingerie ideas and tips. Anything we missed? Any tips of your own to share, like what worked best for you on your wedding day? We’d love to hear them. Let us know in the comments below! Until later, adieu. –Ido Productions

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