Wedding Organizers give Tips & Tricks
Wedding Organizers in Mauritius Give Tips and Tricks

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We know a lot about the super-uber pretty side of things at Ido Productions; as a wedding photography business it’s imperative to provide the most gorgeous photos of your unforgettable day. We know a lot less about what wedding organizers in Mauritius take care of, though.

All of the little details seem to happen by magic. There are people behind the scenes that help create those perfect moments.

We knew this, of course.

We realized, however, that we didn’t know as much about some of the professionals behind the wedding scenes: organizers, translators and wedding planners, to name just a few.

And then we realized: hey, what a great idea for a post-! So here we are: wedding organizers in Mauritius with their own tips and tricks:

Our most generous interviewees include:

  • Patrycija Aubeeluck: Tour and reservation organizer at Aeromarine Travel & Tours
  • Leena Ramcharan: Customer care co-ordinator at Solis

We really appreciated their candor. We also learned a few very useful wedding things, too.

So for you destination Mauritius brides- or grooms- to-be check out what these experts have to say:

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What inspired you to start this job? How long have you been doing it?

Leena: I’ve been doing this job for three years now and the drive for helping others and be part of their happiness inspired me.

Kerstin:The wedding planning job idea was born when I first came to Mauritius. The natural beauty of the landscape, colors and the natural materials impressed me.

They offer countless possibilities for designing unique wedding decorations in a combination of nature and art design, as well as themed weddings.

I’ve been working as a wedding planner in Mauritius since2002.

Patrycja:We started as we thought we could do it for couples, to make their special time unique. We work with the best hotels (to ensure that).

We pay close attention to every detail and we don’t just organize it- we live IT! We have over 30 years experience in tourism.

What’s your busiest season?

Leena: Our busiest wedding months are in April and September.

Kerstin: Our busiest time is from November to February, although we don’t plan more than 2 weddings per month to be able to focus on the couple.

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Have you got a ‘wedding specialty?’

Leena: I deal mainly with the legal and administrative aspects of the wedding.

We offer translators in different languages (Czech, Russian, Spanish, German, Polish & Mandarin) for foreigners who are getting married in Mauritius.

Patrycja: Yes, we make every wedding ‘tailor made.’ We never say ‘No!’

We understand that everyone is unique, VIPs and that every couple has different needs. What makes them come together is the fact that they all want unforgettable moments.

Poročni fotograf na Mauritiusu

What do you love most about your job?

Patrycja: Seeing people happy.

Leena: Organising a wedding involves lots of hard work, and it is very rewarding as well when you receive good feedback and praise from your guests.

Thanks to this job, I got the chance to meet wonderful people and create a network.

Kerstin: I enjoy meeting up with couples from around the globe. I also love the diversity of the weddings, and the happiness in the eyes of the bride and groom after the wedding ceremony.

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What are some of the typical planning mistakes couples do when planning a Mauritius wedding?

Patrycja: One thing they need to take time to understand: the hotel they choose and what will be included in its services is important. With wedding stress, its important to be relaxed and enjoy yourself- without any surprises where you stay.

How can couples best use a wedding planner?

Leena:To get married is in most cases an unnerving experience. Relying on the services of a professional is a true stress reliever- you can focus more on ‘’ I do’s’’ and less ‘’to do.”

Patrycja: A wedding planner is like a friend dedicated to your special time. Someone who will see everything clearly and stand by couple to make their day special.

Your wedding Planner is very important, as they make sure that every detail is covered on your ‘dream come true’ day!

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What are your favorite wedding trends right now?

Kerstin: Right now the favorite trends in decoration are daylight colours, shades of pink and coral, as well as natural decorations. Generally the trend goes to country style and Vintage with colours like champagne and ivory, as well as blue and gold.

Trends 2015 for Mauritius beach weddings: As simple as possible – just walk out onto the sand enjoying the spectacular panoramic backdrops and the sparkling crystal waters of the Indian Ocean under the feet.

Hochzeit auf Mauritius

We really appreciated your valuable time, and thank you all!

What about you? Any questions we missed for our wedding organizers in Mauritius? As us in the comments below!

-Until later, adieu from Ido Productions