Why a Couples Can Be Paradise
Why a Couples Only Destination Wedding Can Be Paradise

While some brides might have daydreams of a lavish wedding, surrounded by family and friends, it’s not everyone’s dream.

In fact, a fantastic new wedding trend: destination weddings, with the couple only. We’ve come up with a list of the pros and cons.

Who knows? Maybe a ‘just the two of us’ destination wedding is perfect for you!

Pros for Having a Couple’s Only Wedding

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Certainly not for every bride, but here are some great reasons for an uber-private destination wedding:

  • Not every bride is prepared for the vast amount of preparation, planning and panicking that goes into designing a large wedding. In fact, some brides dread it so much they extend their engagement just to avoid the stress and anxiety. You’ll also get to avoid the constant interruption of others (aka future mother-in-law) trying to take over your wedding.
  • Let’s face it; weddings are not even close to cheap. One of the biggest expenses involves the reception: rental, food and drinks, band or d.j.- not to mention the decorations. Now imagine you can spend that extra cash on you two, making your wedding extra special and intimate.
  • You won’t be spending your time juggling family and friends, all day long, on your special day. No constant attention being paid to the little (or big) dramas that always seem to accompany a wedding day. No making sure everyone’s happy, no quieting arguments and no taking care of guests who have had a little too much ‘happy juice.’
  • No performance is involved, which is what gives many brides- and grooms- wedding jitters. When it’s just you and your love, saying your vows your way, you’ll be able to express yourselves. You’ll be able to take your time. And most importantly, you’ll be able to focus only on each other.

Cons of Having a ‘Just the Two of Us’ Wedding

Wedding Photographer in MauritiusThere are a few cons to having a private destination wedding. These are a few of the main reasons many couples worry:

  • ‘You’ll regret not having anyone there.’ Your families and friends will feel upset at not being there. It’s true that people expect to be invited to a wedding, especially if you’re an only child. However, is the wedding for you or for them? It’s a deciding factor.
  • ‘You won’t have any support (i.e. day-of wedding jitters) to help.’ Again, very true. But you’ll also be avoiding the stress of trying to manage yourself and lots of other people on the one day you should be happy.

Tips for a Couples Only Destination Wedding

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It’s not a light decision, but if you do decide to go ahead for a private wedding, here are a few tips:

  • Be prepared to arrive a few days before the wedding for paperwork and any on-site arrangements that you might need to make. Most destinations have experienced wedding planners to take care of the details.
  • Wedding jitters? Why not get a pre-wedding massage or spa treatment? Not only will it relax you, but you’ll be a glowing bride on your day.
  • Ask your on-site planner about options for sharing with family and friends: videos are hugely popular right now, and some services provide a live feed back home while you take your vows away.
  • Don’t forget: you could always have a wedding reception, with everyone you love involved, later. You’ll both be more relaxed and ready to entertain guests- at your own pace, without the wedding stress.

We hope this is useful for those of you choosing a ‘couples only’ destination wedding.

What about you? Have you had a private service? Did you have an over-the-top wedding, and wish you hadn’t? Let us know in the comments below!

Until later, adieu- Ido Productions