Why You Should Have Your Same-Sex Commitment Ceremony
Why You Should Have Your Same-Sex Commitment Ceremony in Mauritius

It’s a little-known hot trend that you can have your same-sex commitment ceremony in Mauritius. Sure, it’s well-known that the island of Mauritius is stunning (well, let’s just call it a fact).

Gorgeous beaches, activities galore, fantastic food and amazing cultures combine for some unbelievable experiences. Now just imagine all of that combined with a special ‘wedding blessings’ ceremony with your love. Absolutely unforgettable.

An Exquisite Location to Commit

Mauritius is called ‘the Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ for good reason. As we’ve mentioned, it offers a little bit of everything for every taste. That includes which type of commitment ceremony** you could dream of. A few examples:

  • Barefoot on the beach during the day or at sunset
  • On a boat, ship or catamaran in a lagoon
  • In a remote place close to a lush natural park
  • In a submarine or underwater scuba diving
  • From a pier that serves as the wedding aisle
  • At a resort in a garden filled with tropical plants

As you can see, Mauritius offers loads of diverse settings for you to choose from to perfect your same-sex commitment ceremony.

You can also hire a local wedding planner who can take care of everything for you. The site, the hotel, the photographer, any activities you might want to do after – and even decorations, food/drink and local music. It all depends on you two.

**One thing we need to mention: civil same-sex marriages aren’t yet legal in Mauritius. We can only offer what we call ‘wedding blessings’ or commitment ceremonies with a ‘celebrant’ to perform it.

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After the Ceremony in Mauritius

You’ll have plenty of time after the ceremony in the days that follow to explore and discover the riches the island has to offer.


Relax & Enjoy Yourselves

If you’re more into relaxing as newlyweds, sunbathing on pristine beaches and swimming in the clear blue lagoons will suit you. Or maybe go golfing on of the dozen golf courses; having a dual spa day; and having a guide drive you around Mauritius?

The guide can take you to scenic sites like the Black River Gorges National Park or the Trou aux Cerfs volcano, plus many more points of interest.

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Same sex wedding Mauritius

Get Adventurous

Maybe you’re more into getting out there to see what you can see? Mauritius has almost anything watersports can offer. Scuba diving, kayaking into hidden coves, snorkeling, sailing and windsurfing are all possibilities.

Hiking in Le Morne Brabant or in Ebony Forest Chamarel are great ways to see the Mauritian natural beauty close-up. You can also horseback ride the countryside.

And if you’re both adrenaline junkies, there are even companies that specialize in off-road ATV tours and skydiving.

Being able to discover Mauritius together, however you choose to do it, will definitely elevate and heighten the experience of having your same-sex commitment ceremony in such a special place.

Same sex wedding Mauritius

Explore Mauritius’ Diversity

You don’t have to be foodies to fall in love with Mauritian cuisine. Our mixture of French, Indian, Creole and Chinese cultures have created a beautiful and unique flavor to the island.

The street snacks like ‘Gâteaux piment’ (spicy split-pea fried balls) or the sweetly delicious banana tarts are excellent.

Of course, you can find almost any seafood your heart desires – try the ‘Langouste à la Creole’ (Creole lobster). Not a fish fan? You’ll also be able to find beef with veg, rabbit stew and vegetarian dishes like ‘Bringele frire’ (eggplant fritters).

Don’t forget to enjoy the unique culture of Mauritius. Performances of the lively and pretty sexy Sega dance, which is paired with Creole singing. The island isn’t known for its nightlife, but it is picking up.**

**Something to keep in mind: it’s a conservative country, so a lot of PDA is frowned upon. But Mauritians, in general, are some the kindest and most generous people you can meet.

Another unique aspect of the culture you might want to check out are the Hindu temples or the unique Catholic church. There are several interesting museums and some really breathtaking gardens you can visit.

There is a small LGBT community in Mauritius that has meetups and activities, and even a few tips for the best beaches.

With all our little island offers, we think there’s no better way to create an unforgettable start to your life together. It’s exotic. And it’s romantic. And we’re sure both of you will love it. Which is why we think you should have your same-sex commitment ceremony in Mauritius.

What about you? Have you had a same-sex commitment ceremony in Mauritius? What did you think? Were there any pluses or minuses? We’d love to hear from you – let us know in the comments below!

Until later, adieu ~ Ido Productions

Thanks to the Sofitel Imperial for the stunning location of the wedding and to Clique Photography for making us shoot our first same sex wedding in Mauritius.