indian wedding in mauritius
Your Indian Wedding in Mauritius: Finding a Photographer That Fits

Indian Wedding in Mauritius

You’ve probably already read about millionaires marrying in Mauritius, but what they don’t tell you is that it’s quickly becoming the chosen spot for ‘regular’ Indian weddings. Several factors have combined to make it more than ideal.

Mauritius is an exotic and breathtaking beauty spot- with a population that’s nearly 70% Indian. It’s truly the best of both worlds for Indians searching for their perfect destination wedding that has a feel of ‘home.’ Another incentive is the hopeful increase of flights from India to Mauritius. The limitation of travel possibilities held many Indian couples back from tying an island knot.

Mauritius Is a Wedding Photography Dream



Photos- and more recently videos- are the cornerstone of an Indian wedding. It’d be difficult for you to find a more glamorous setting than a Mauritius sunset melting into the ocean as you say your vows.

Your island wedding will reflect the beauty of your ceremony, the elegance of the surroundings and your own one-of-a-kind sensibilities. The island offers adventure (underwater walks, skydiving and surfing) and discovery (self-guided driving tours).

Its picturesque scenery is perfect for one of the latest trends in Indian weddings: the ‘Bollywood-inspired’ short-form wedding film. The video tells the story of the wedding, replacing the traditional moment-by-moment 4-hour videos with a highly stylized 45-minute clip.

What to Ask Your Wedding Photographer/Videographer

Indian Wedding Photographer

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Most brides and grooms have a fairly good idea of what they want from their photos and video. A difference for Indian couples is the length of the celebration (from one intensive day to 4-days). Is it a traditional or a contemporary ceremony?

Questions About Your Indian Wedding Photos/Video:

  • Can you meet the photographer before the official ceremonies begin? Can you schedule a pre-wedding shoot as a couple?
  • What are the main wedding parts you want captured? Make a list of ‘must haves’ and ‘wants’ to go over with the photographer before the wedding.
  • Indian weddings are notoriously large- how many photographers will be shooting, and how will you organize ‘face time’ with your guests to get pictures?
  • What equipment will they use? Indian weddings involve night shooting and low lighting, which means a fast lens and external lights (typical stage/‘mandap’ lighting isn’t great for photos or video).
  • What photographic style do you prefer? Classical wedding photography, candid shots, posed or a mixture?
  • If you want a wedding story film, what’s the loose script or the tale you want told?

Additional Notes for Your Wedding in Mauritius

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A few extra tips for you when you’re planning your Indian wedding:

  • Choose a photo ‘manager,’ i.e. a friend or family member to help arrange group shots and ensure the photographer gets photos of the guests. It’s going to be hectic and almost impossible for the photographer to do alone.
  • Have pre-wedding stills to go with the wedding shots, because they’ll show you at your relaxed best. You can also use prints of them as gifts for your guests at the reception.

A popular theme for the stills: dressing up as vintage Bollywood stars. Personalized, funny and endearing.

We hope this has been helpful for those of you that are planning your Indian wedding in Mauritius.

Do you have any questions for us that we didn’t answer, or any tips you can give about getting married in Mauritius? Let us know in the comments section below.

We look forward to seeing you on the island soon! ~Ido Productions, Mauritius