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Ever wondered what the best and worst wedding proposals involve? With Valentine’s Day is coming up, a rash of make-or-break marriage proposals will follow in its wake, which made us curious. Which is why we’ve collected our ten favorite marriage proposal ‘wows’ and marriage proposal ‘ows.’ Read on to see if you agree with our best and worst wedding proposal choices: View full post »

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Photo by Ana Fuji

Many couples choose destination weddings in Mauritius, which can make it difficult for the Maid of Honor to come up with some unique bridal shower ideas for a wedding in Mauritius.

Why not bring a little of Mauritius to the guests for the bridal shower or the post-wedding celebration? We’ve come up with a few bridal shower ideas with Mauritius as the inspiration: View full post »

Indian Wedding in Mauritius

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You’ve probably already read about millionaires marrying in Mauritius, but what they don’t tell you is that it’s quickly becoming the chosen spot for ‘regular’ Indian weddings. Several factors have combined to make it more than ideal.

Mauritius is an exotic and breathtaking beauty spot- with a population that’s nearly 70% Indian. It’s truly the best of both worlds for Indians searching for their perfect destination wedding that has a feel of ‘home.’ View full post »

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Mauritius isn’t exactly famed for its snow-caps- which is why we came up with a list of interesting winter facts. We know that it probably won’t shock you, but we’re a little fascinated with the cold winter months that strike most of the planet.

The winter traditions- the festivities- and the never-ending list of crazy inventions for winter fun keep us highly entertained. We hope you enjoy our interesting winter facts edition: View full post »