The Hottest Wedding Trends
The Hottest Wedding Trends: Autumn/Winter 2013

The Hottest Wedding Trends: Autumn/Winter 2013

The weather in Mauritius is kind of famous for being stable. Wedding trends, on the other hand, change faster than you can say ‘I do.’ We’ve sifted through my favorite wedding websites and we’ve found 5 trends that are absolutely cool:

Vintage Wedding Dresses: Bespoke Sophistication

Vintage Wedding Dresses

Fabric: Catroux beaded lace over soft satin / Colour: Ivory

This is one wedding trend we adore. Two sites that caught our eye: Charlie Brear’s fantastic selection of vintage wedding dresses; and Tulle & Chantilly, who offer a ‘DIY wedding dress’ option. You can find a perfect- or create perfectly unique- vintage wedding dress, inspired by the 1920s, 30s and 40s. The lovely thing about those eras is they classically complement almost any figure.

Tulle & Chantilly
An upcoming trend for winter 2013: tea-length wedding dresses à la the 1950s. For a beach wedding in Mauritius, the length is perfect for navigating the sand gracefully. 1950s designs are deceptively simple, keeping the focus where it belongs: on the bride.

Choosing the Optimal Colors for Autumn 2013

Pantone Color Palette
When it comes to correctly predicting color trends, Pantone is the place to go. The colors for fall 2013 offer bright vivacity to contrast with the classic sophistication that’s become popular recently. These color splashes can be part of the wedding party (bridesmaid’s dresses in different hues is another trend) or- a touch we like- as part of the whole wedding theme.

The two top colors for winter 2013 are the ruby red Samba and the muted Mykanos Blue. While mint is still a hot pick for its retro callback, many brides are opting for a little more ‘oomph’ to their wedding palette.
Out with the Traditional Bouquet, Enter the DIY Flower


I really have to thank Green Wedding Shoes for their inspiring and unusual post about making your own DIY paper flower to replace a traditional bouquet. What a fantastic idea- it really captures your attention. And it will also hold up under the duress of the Mauritius beach climate.

It’s also a great way to ‘keep’ your wedding bouquet intact- and it’s a money saver. With all of the bright color options that are trending, both you and your bridesmaids can make your own floral arrangements to suit your tastes.

The Ultimate Wedding eInvitations


Going green is another trend for the autumn/winter wedding season in 2013. Most brides are sticklers for traditional paper invites, which is fair enough. We agree that they’re nice physical mementos.

However, sending classy eInvites are becoming a hot wedding trend for many reasons. They’re paperless, decreasing the ‘carbon footprint;’ they’re more economical; and they’re surprisingly chic. Check out the Paperless Post’s free trial if you don’t believe how elegant eInvites can be.

Steal the Spotlight with a Signature Necklace


What better way to combine several wedding trends into one than by wearing a signature necklace to accent your wedding dress? Vivid autumn colors or sophisticated art deco designs are an ideal showpiece for your vintage wedding gown (Starlite Jewelry Designs are a favorite I came across).

The right signature necklace can tie the entire wedding theme together, or add a touch of ‘days of yesteryear’ style. It can also make your wedding photos in Mauritius pop, with the sand and sea as a backdrop.

So there you have it, our top picks of the hottest wedding trends in autumn/winter 2013. Sleek sophistication, bold and brassy accents with a touch of going green can make your wedding unforgettable.

Are there any you think we’ve missed, or you’d like to add? Feel free to tell me in the comments.

Until we meet again, adieu. ~Ido Productions